Security and network operations centre 

Safeguard your technology infrastructure

Adpmn’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) work hand in hand to safeguard your technology infrastructure. Our NOC team is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the overall network infrastructure, with the primary goal of ensuring uninterrupted network operations.

Our SOC focuses on incidents and alerts that affect the security of information assets and responds to cybersecurity incidents by using cutting-edge tools, processes, and procedures. Adpmn’s proactive NOC with SOC services ensure that your technology infrastructure is robust and dependable.

Monitoring Network  

Monitoring of Servers

Patch Management Services

Service Desk Integration

SIEM-based Event Management

Access Control & Network Security

End Point Protection

Build, Operate & Transfer

Level 1 Alert Monitor

  • Monitors network/SIEM alerts.
  • Manages and configures network/security monitoring tools.
  • Prioritizes alerts or issues and conducts triage.

Level 3 SME/Threat Hunter

  • Conducts vulnerability assessments and penetration tests and reviews alerts that keep abreast of the industry’s threat intelligence/news and security data.
  • Major Incident Response – Teams up with the Level 2 Analyst in responding and contains the incidents.

Level 2 Incident Responder

  • Receives incidents and performs the in-depth investigation.
  • Identifies the threat, nature of the attack and the systems/data impacted by correlating with threat intelligence.

NOC/SOC Engineer Network/Security Expert

  • Expert team focused on network/security aspects of the information systems.
  • Support the NSOC as a part of development or operations teams.