On time. Within budget. Achieved.

PMO is a body that helps organizations become future-ready by providing the teams, tools, partners and a strategic vision.

Adpmn has PMO as a centre of excellence that ensures a consistent approach to project management throughout the organization. Adpmn has an established PMO which leads to improved project performance and significant business benefits.

What will Adpmn’s PMO Centre of Excellence do?

Our decade of experience in this field has revealed one critical theme common across all implementations – success lies in the ability of the PMO to align itself correctly with the organizational strategy

  • Selecting and maintaining enterprise tools based on the requirements.
  • Providing project management expertise and support to project teams as needed.
  • Offering project management knowledge and training.
  • Developing career paths and certifications.
  • Talent management: We develop leaders, project leads, managers and team members who can drive project performance, improve it and step into larger roles in the future.
How can Adpmn help you?

Do you need a reliable and experienced partner who can guarantee an optimal working of your PMO? In this scenario, our ‘PMO as a Service’ is the solution you need! Our solid cooperation model is inspired from the outsourcing principle, where Adpmn helps our customers to successfully support (PMO) and/or deliver projects because we recruit the right people ourselves.

What’s in it for your projects or programs?
  • Establishing an entire set of PMO from scratch.
  • Right methodology and tailored roadmap.
  • Detailed planning with milestones, phases or phase-gates.
  • Continuity in the qualitative delivery with regular monitoring of the programs or projects.
  • Efficient assignment of internal competences/resources.
  • Best ROI with assured timelines.
Adpmn’s PMO as a Service

Our PMO is a Service that evaluates in-depth your business’s current state. All the current and futuristic actions are evaluated in terms of:

  • Strategic business alignment
  • Scope refinement and finalization
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling
  • Prioritization calls with business
  • Proper budget utilization with transparency
  • Proactive risk management
Project Management Methodologies

Selecting the right methodology is a vital step to execute and bring success to your project. Below are the most popular project management methodologies (PMMs) in practice today, but it’s important to know more than one methodology (a hybrid) can be adapted to a project:

  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scrumban
  • Hybrid

As we are aware, there is no single process that works for all business models, sizes or industries. Our expertise in Project Management will help the clients to understand the suitability of a methodology based on circumstances and advise to move forward with the right one.Today agile is being utilized almost everywhere virtually. It has short development cycles called sprints to focus on continuous improvement and development of a product or service.

Project Management Steps

Adpmn recruits project managers who possess seven primary skills – Leadership, motivation, communication, organization, prioritization, problem-solving ability and adaptability. At the highest level and before jumping into a project, Adpmn’s project managers can help organizations set expectations and achieve on-time, on-budget, and goal-based project delivery by the following steps:

  • Align the project or program to the organization’s strategic objective and goals.
  • The practice benefits realization for all programs.
  • Bridge the gap between strategy formulation and execution.
  • Gain the confidence of executive sponsorship showcasing the benefits.
  • Hire and retain the right talent.
  • Adopt industry’s best principles to drive programs.