Data Scientist/Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence

Data Scientist/Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Machine Learning, Statistics or related field
Minimum of 1 year of relevant industry experience (as a Data Scientist, Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, etc.), 2+ preferred; or proven qualifications.
Hands-on and theoretical knowledge of various Machine Learning algorithms and tools, e.g. xgboost/LightGBM, Random Forests, SVMs, PCA, t-sne, kmeans, DBSCAN, etc.
Expertise with Time Series problems is a plus
Excellent knowledge of Python and/or R, knowledge of Spark is a plus
Effectively utilize appropriate statistical and Machine Learning models and techniques to solve various business problems
Collaborate with various departments to identify opportunities for process improvement and developing analytics use-cases.
Evaluate accuracy and quality of data sources, as well as the designed models
Stays up to date with the latest models and changes in the technology
Communicate results to colleagues and business partners.

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